As I have little experience blogging or baking bread, my plan is simply to scour through the random and the obscure, the old and the new, the established and experimental, all with the hope of discovering that hidden human element behind every thoughtfully-constructed recipe and conveying it through creative writing (Mainly flash fiction but I won’t discount the possibility of it being through poems, essays or even short plays).

Bread, having been considered both the equalizer and the divider, the main source of nourishment and the bane of our health-conscious existence, a comfort and a modern curse, offers plenty to consider, evaluate, and reconsider. I hope to do just that as I aim to explore the  cultural, historical,  or economic significance of each unique loaf of bread I choose to spend time making through plent of baking, research and writing. I owe this expedition to Michael Pollan and his meditation on the importance of keeping alive the tradition of baking bread in his Netfix series Cooked. It’s convinced me that the art of bread-baking is more than just for nourishing bodies, it can also solidify our notion of community, strengthen the bonds between differing cultures and class, and fuel the mind towards creativity and openness. In line with that mentality, I expect this experience to be very communal, immersive, and extremely experimental so if that’s you’re cup of tea/slice of bread, journey on my friend.